Welcome New Patients to Thyroid and Parathyroid Center

We are pleased to welcome you as a new patient to Thyroid and Parathyroid Center. To help ensure your first visit is smooth and worry-free, we have provided some useful information and recommendations below.

To find our office, please see the maps and directions provided.

Tips for your physician visit:

  • Please bring a photo ID
  • Bring your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid cards
  • Please bring a complete list of your current medications and dosages.  For your convenience a downloadable Medication Form is available here.
  • Records from your referring physicians office
  • Any reports, CDs and/or films of any diagnostic studies that you have had performed.

Take the time to fill out paper work ahead of time:

Don’t let thyroid problems or parathyroid problems undermine your health. Call Thyroid and Parathyroid Center at 706-721-4400 for more information or schedule an appointment online.