Cindy Raybould

Cindy is thankful for the relief she found after surgery with Dr. Parnell and the urogynecology team in Women's Health.  Thanks to her procedure, she can live a full life with complete control of her bladder health.


Gyalia Rutledge

Gyalia received a posterior pelvic floor repair and hitch of bladder from Dr. Parnell in the Women's Health department at GRHealth.  She was pleasantly surprised by her experience. She usually dealt with very bad nausea after surgery, but did not have any issues during or post surgery.  She is thankful for the staff who were extremely prompt and attentive to her needs to keep her pain free.  She was impressed by the effective communication between GRHealth staff, nurses and doctors who all worked together to ensure she received the best possible care.  She is thankful to the day surgery team, the OR team for Women's surgery and Dr. Brent Parnell for providing "the absolute best medical care with excellent customer service."