Shop 'til You Drop (Pounds, That Is!)

Weight loss begins with wise choices at the grocery store, not last-minute decisions in front of a carton of rocky road ice cream.  

Nicole Moore, a registered dietitian with Georgia Regents Weight Loss Center who works closely with each patient, suggests these tips for healthy shopping: 

  • Write it down. Make a shopping list, and plan your meals to avoid high-calorie foods and meals.

  • Get edgy. Shop the perimeter of the store, where the healthier, fresher foods are. Foods in the inner aisles are often loaded with fats, sodium and calories.  

  • Be a skeptic. Read food labels. Even foods marked “low fat” can still be fattening.  

  • Just say “no.” Avoid products that contain trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and additives you can’t pronounce.

  • Do the math. If packages contain more than one serving, calculate the serving size and calories per serving before buying.

  • Eat first. Shop later. It’s hard to resist a Hershey bar when you’re starving.  

Take the next step to smart shopping with this no excuses grocery list.

Nicole suggests you eat appropriately sized portions of the foods on this list 90% of the time; other foods, only 10% of the time.