Evaluation and Preparation: Keys to Successful Weight Loss Surgery

Your willingness to make lifestyle changes and prepare for your weight loss surgery procedure, will drastically affect your outcome after surgery.

Therefore, your weight loss journey will begin with thorough evaluation. Our bariatric team will develop an unique treatment plan to help you lose weight and prepare for a successful surgical outcome. The treatment plan includes:

  • Education, support and monitoring
  • A comprehensive Medical Weight Loss Program, if needed
  • Reccomendations on vitamin and mineral supplements
  • A customized exercise program
  • An individualized eating plan developed by our bariatric registered dietitian
  • Bariatric Nurse Coordinator who guides patients through the entire process

The overall evaluation and preparation process at Georgia Regents Weight Loss Center includes:

Step One: Patient Education Seminars

Attend a free weight loss surgery seminar to learn more about surgical weight loss options and find out if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery.

Step Two: Initial Screening and Evaluation

You will be evaluated by our bariatric nurse coordinator, psychologist and nutritionist. They will take a medical history, perform a physical exam and coordinate any studies or consultations you may need to prepare you for surgery. These consultations may include:
-Respiratory Therapy

Once this initial screening process is complete, our multidisciplinary team will meet to discuss findings and determine if you can safely proceed to surgery.

Step Three: Evaluation by a Bariatric Surgeon and Anesthesiologist

Your surgeon and anesthesiologist will meet with you to:
-Schedule your surgery
-Discuss surgical options and risks
-Review your medical history and answer any last-minute questions
-Reinforce your understanding of the risks and benefits of anesthesia and surgery
-Repeat your physical examination to rule out changes in your health status

Step Four: Final Insurance Approval or Payment

Your operation will proceed as planned if approved by your insurance carrier. If you are using the self-pay option, the fee must be paid in full prior to surgery.