Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program in Augusta, GA

The Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program at GRHealth in Augusta, GA, recognizes that kidney and pancreas transplantation can be an unsettling experience for patients and their families in Georgia, South Carolina and throughout the Southeast. We believe that regardless of where patients are in the transplant process, they never need to face these concerns and this anxiety alone.

Our dedicated kidney and pancreas transplant team recognizes the special needs of kidney transplant patients and pancreas transplant patients, and understands that living with a transplant may affect patients’ lifestyles in many ways. We endeavor to help patients resume many of their former activities and we encourage patients to maximize their quality of life.

Georgia Regents Medical Center Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program:

  • Performed its first transplant on August 28, 1968 and has since performed over 2300 kidney and kidney/pancreas transplants
  • Is the only kidney transplant center in Georgia outside of Atlanta
  • Offers satellite clinic locations for pre-transplant evaluation testing as well as follow-up post-transplant care
  • Employs a full-time fundraising coordinator to assist patients in developing financial plans for post-transplant medication costs
  • Participates in consistent patient outreach efforts in Georgia and South Carolina
  • Is a leader in patient family centered care principles

Recognized for Kidney Transplantation Excellence

Georgia Regents Medical Center is one of only ten kidney transplant programs to be recognized by HealthGrades in 2010 and receive the Kidney Transplant Excellence Award, and one of 20 nationwide to receive a 2011 HealthGrades Transplant Excellence Award.

For more information about Kidney and Pancreas Transplant services at Georgia Regents Medical Center, call 706-721-2888 or 1-800-736-2273, ext 2888 or e-mail