Neurology Gamma Knife Center 

Georgia Regents Medical Center Gamma Knife Center

Gamma knife helmetBrain Surgery Without an Incision
The Southeast Gamma Knife Center represents a new era in brain surgery at Georgia Regents Medical Center. The Gamma Knife destroys brain tumors and malformed blood vessels such as AVM's without opening the skull. There are many conditions that can be treated with Gamma Knife. These include brain tumors, AVM, certain chronic pain syndromes, Parkinsonian & Essential tremor, epilepsy related to certain tumors or vascular malformations and trigeminal neuralgia.

Who We Are
Gamma Knife surgery offers new hope for people with brain disorders that are too difficult or too dangerous to treat with standard brain surgery. Incisions are not required and the procedure is usually performed without anesthesia. Most often your family can accompany you during most of the procedure and usually you can return to your preoperative lifestyle the same day.

Center of Excellence
The Georgia Regents Medical Center Gamma Knife Center is one of 72 health care centers in the country, and the only center in the southeast affiliated with a children's hospital, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, to house a Gamma Knife.