Children's Patient Stories


In June of 2014, 4 year old Jordan’s mother noticed he was unresponsive in the car. Jordan was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Georgia.  Jordan was not expected to regain consciousness, and if he did, his brain damage was extremely severe. After a great deal of prayer and care from nurses and doctors in the PICU, Jordan started responding and making small movements. Against all odds, Jordan regained his ability to walk and talk and left the hospital after only eight days. Jordan’s mom says he is the happy child that she knew before.  She is thankful to the doctors, nurses, specialists, therapists, interns, patient care specialists, food staff, and cleaning services for helping her feel powerful and bringing Jordan back to health.



Milla’s a typical two-year-old—who also happens to have Down Syndrome. But really, she’s just Milla. And for parents Amelia Torres and Brian Mooney, she’s beat the odds since the beginning. Their pediatrician referred them to the pediatric rehabilitation department at CHOG. At one year old, Milla was barely sitting and couldn’t crawl. But in a matter of months, her therapists had her crawling, then walking. Now she even starts dancing when Brian puts on her favorite music—anything but classical. Milla’s continuing to thrive and to progress. “It’s like family, coming here,” said Amelia. “They’re not focused on her diagnosis, they’re focused on her as a child. And the future we want for her hasn’t changed since we received the diagnosis. We want her to go on and do college and do whatever she wants to do—Milla’s choice.


Ken and Ben

Identical twins Ken and Ben were born at only 27 weeks old. They each weighed only a little more than 2 pounds, just large enough to cradle in two hands. The micropreemies spent 79 days in the neonatal intensive care unit at CHOG. Now, 18 months later, both boys are balls of energy, constantly running and playing. They still come to CHOG three days a week for physical, occupational and speech/swallowing therapy, but as for their future? Anything goes. “I have two kids that totally beat the odds,” said mom Colleen.



At 6 months old, Sophie had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin. Her parents, Connie and Jake, had no idea what was going on because Sophie had taken this medicine before with no previous reaction. Sophie’s face was extremely swollen, so much so that her eyes were almost completely shut. Connie and Jake rushed her to Children’s Hospital of Georgia's Emergency Department. The family had an excellent experience in the ED, especially when the doctors distracted Sophie with bubbles in order to perform the necessary tests. Sophie is now a happy and healthy 27-month-old!



At 20 weeks, an ultrasound revealed that Melissa Rodriguez’s unborn baby had a serious heart condition and would need a series of surgeries within his first months of life. About 1 in 100,000 children are born with this type of heart malfunction. Jacob was born with only a single-chambered heart, and it was doing the work of the missing chambers. Without Children’s Hospital of Georgia's intervention, Jacob would have died as a newborn. Now, Jacob is a healthy, thriving 8-year-old little boy who loves to run and play!



Karlee was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. Legg-Calve-Perthes occurs when blood supply is temporarily interrupted to the ball part of the hip joint. That part of the bone then breaks more easily and heals poorly. The cause of the condition is unknown. Doctors thought Karlee would never walk again, but the treatment of Dr. Bertrand at Children’s Hospital of Georgia corrected her condition. Karlee is now 16 years old and is participating in competitive cheerleading!



Bryson is an amazing young man who has been heroic in his journey through surgery and recovery at Children's Hospital of Georgia.  Bryson suffered from a sunken chest where his bone grew back toward his spine.  According to the Surgeon in Chief, Dr Howell, Bryson is as tough as they come.  Thanks to the success of the surgery and his perseverance, he is now a happy and healthy young man who is ready to take the world by storm.



Petyon is a beautiful 1 year old who has fully recovered from cancer. She is now a happy and healthy baby girl!