Leading the Nation in Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Improving health care is about more than just medicine and treatments.
  Alice Reese
     Patient Advisory Board Member

Alice Reese

As a 14-year breast cancer survivor, I know firsthand how scary medical tests and procedures can be. That's why I agreed to be a patient adviser. The advisory board played an integral role in the design of the new Breast Health Center. We provided critical input from the patient’s perspective on every aspect—from interior design to procedures. We were also able to create the first breast cancer support group at Georgia Regents Medical Center. It's clear to me that Georgia Regents Medical Center genuinely cares about the overall well being of the patient and family. They understand that there is more to health care than medicine and treatment. You can really see the difference patient-and family-centered care makes at Georgia Regents Medical Center.

Georgia Regents Medical Center is leading the nation in patient- and family-centered care. By encouraging patients and families to become an integral part of the care team, we are improving the way health care is delivered. It’s an important new philosophy in medicine and one we are proud to be leading.