Volunteer Your Time

As an Georgia Regents Medical Center volunteer, you can make an important difference.

When you volunteer your time at Georgia Regents Medical Center, you become part of our mission to serve and to care for our community.  Whether you offer companionship to patients and families, provide clerical assistance to our departments or staff our gift shops, your efforts will have a direct and positive impact on Georgia Regents Medical Center and the patients we serve.  We will work to match your volunteer placement with your time, talents and interests.  Thank you for your interest in the Volunteer Services Program at Georgia Regents Medical Center.

To serve as an Georgia Regents Medical Center volunteer, you will be required to attend an orientation session and an interview. Please contact our Volunteer Services Department for specific information regarding the areas of your interest. No matter what area you work in, you can be assured your contributions are needed and that they will make a difference in the lives of many people.

To contact our Volunteer Services Department please call 706-721-3596.

Volunteer Application Form

Georgia Regents Medical Center Volunteer Services
1446 Harper St., BT 2611
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