2015 Patricia K. Sodomka Leadership Award for Patient-and Family-Centered Care

Throughout her career as a physical therapy clinician, a hospital administrator, and a health care executive, Pat Sodomka was a patient advocate and a gracious and visionary leader. She was a national and international leader in Patient and Family-Centered Care (PFCC). In the mid-1980’s she embarked on a pioneering PFCC journey that transformed the culture and practice of health care and quality, and impacted health profession’s education and PFCC research.  Pat viewed patient/family partnerships in care, teaching, and learning as the essence of PFCC and as a powerful tool to improve the quality and safety of patient care.

The Patricia K. Sodomka Leadership Award to honor Pat’s phenomenal leadership and legacy has been established.


  • Member of Georgia Regents Medical Center leadership at the level of manager or higher.
  • Motivates and inspires others to further the culture of Patient and Family-Centered Care.
  • Demonstrates ability to lead by creating or developing  programs, projects or activities that impact the enterprise through Patient and Family-Centered Care practices .
  • Develops creative ways to accomplish goals and objectives, shares ideas with their team, and empowers others to strengthen and enrich Patient and Family-Centered Care culture.
  • Is recognized by others for dedication to achieving the results that continue the Patient and Family-Centered Care journey.
  • Recognized by others for a commitment to the success of Patient and Family-Centered Care .
  • Demonstrates the ability to listen and communicate effectively.
  • Displays high levels of optimism and confidence.
  • Is passionate in what they do.
  • Has high levels of patience and dedication.

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