Healing Arts

Beverly BaynesFebruary 2014
Beverley Baynes

Medical Center, West Entrance

Beverley Baynes began to display her love of art and creativity at the age of five. While living in England, she completed her formal education and continued to pursue the study of fine art at High Wycombe College of Technology and Arts. In 1973 Beverly migrated to the United States and studied portraiture under Furman J. Fink at duCret School of Art in New Jersey.

Beverley cannot remember a time when she was not painting or drawing and in 1975 she decided to embrace her work more seriously and developed her art work primarily in oil and watercolor.

By nature Beverley is very sensitive to relationships between people as well as objects. The loving couple in "With These Hands" are almost fused together as they grasp each other's hands. Her work displays uniqueness and is untamed as it continues to emerge and define it's own distincitive style.

On July 2, 2010, Beverley had a minor incident related to her heart. Being thankful that it was not a serious matter, she has renewed respect for her heart and is currently working on a variety of heart related projects.

Her t-shirts, caps and cards are drawn freehand and uniquely decorated. She donates a portion of her proceeds to the American Heart Association.

Beverley's works are in corporate and private collections in New Jersey, California, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Jamaica, Canada and London. Beverly's dream is to leave behind her "footprints in the sand" of the art world.

If you are interested in participating in the Healing Arts Program, please contact Adam Smith of the GRU Healing Arts Program at 706-721-3596.