Healing Arts

October 2015
Remote Depictions Photography

Medical Office Building
2nd floor Phlebotomy Lab

We from Remote Depiction Photography would like to say hello, and welcome you to our showing here in the beautiful Georgia Regents University campus. We highly appreciate this amazing opportunity to share our views and ideals, through our photography, with the wonderful people of Augusta, Georgia. Our work extends from local regions of Augusta, through the photogenic North Augusta, all the way to the beautiful equestrian city of Aiken.

Remote Depictions is an idea, rather than a collection of photographers or company.  It’s an idea to inspire people to break the mold and to jump off the beaten path. Appreciate the unappreciated, discover the undiscovered, portray the beauty of the mundane and make known the alure of the unknown or forgotten. To break it down; Remote- “Situated far from the main centers of population; distant,” Depictions- “Representation or characterization”. Remote Depictions is our visual representation and expression of what we see as true beauty outside of everyday society or in. So what we ask is…. What do you see?

For more information about the Healing Arts Program,
please contact Adam Smith of the GRHealth Healing Arts Program at 706-721-3596.