Healing Arts

November 2015
Dr. Bill Lutin

Medical Office Building
2nd floor Phlebotomy Lab

Dr. Lutin is a native of Tennessee, where he spent the first 30 years of his life. He is a photoenthusiast who got his start 45 years ago working in scientific and medical photography in the days of wet chemicals and silver based photo prints.

In addition to a career making pictures of hearts, he has always carried a camera with him on his travels, capturing images of our world and rendering it as he sees it onto prints. His favorite subjects are nature scenes, moving water, foliage, flowers, cityscapes, architecture, small stuff (macrophotography) and wildlife. Bill believes in the fundamental beauty of the world, the magic of light, and in the power that pictures have to make us feel good.

Bill works at Georgia Regents University Children’s Hospital of Georgia, where he is a pediatric cardiologist. His photographs have been recognized with awards in local and regional competitions. He is married to his wonderful wife, Kerry Kline, and has two incredible and creative children, Mike and Mandie. Their help, advice, support and encouragement gave him the impetus to share his images with the world. He sincerely hopes these pictures bring you a moment of joy. Bill is always on the lookout for techniques to improve the stories told in his pictures.

For more information about the Healing Arts Program,
please contact Adam Smith of the GRHealth Healing Arts Program at 706-721-3596.