Healing Arts

July 2015
Sylvia Messick

Medical Office Building
2nd floor Phlebotomy Lab

Sylvia Messick head shot

Since a very early age, I loved pictures and wanted to make them. I did not know how to start a picture until I took private art lessons at the age of nine. Now, while in my late fifties, I love exploring different media, however, oil painting remains my favorite medium. The works at GRHealth are paintings on canvas, a graphite drawing on paper and color pencil with gel pen.

I am inspired by nature, especially the sea and its surroundings. Luckily, my parents built a house at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. From there, I collect sketches, photographs and small paintings which I bring back to North Augusta, SC and develop completed works in my studio.

I love to take a visual idea, think on it, pull out a stretched canvas and begin to work. It is problem solving, technique and focus all wrapped up into one little work and sometimes a large work. I also switch from observed realism and expressionism to pure abstract art through photography. Those photographs will be shown later this year
during the month of December in the 2nd Floor Hallway exhibit.

If you are interested in participating in the Healing Arts Program,
please contact Adam Smith of the GRHealth Healing Arts Program at 706-721-3596.