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Cataracts Quiz

What Do You Know About Cataracts?

More than half of Americans 80 years and older have cataracts, the National Eye Institute (NEI) says.

1. Most cataracts related to aging are caused by proteins clumping in the lens of the eye.
2. Although the majority of cataracts are related to age, some can develop after an eye injury.
3. Smoking is a risk factor for cataracts.
4. A halo that appears around lights may be a symptom of cataracts.
5. Cataracts eventually go away on their own.
6. The most common type of cataract surgery uses ultrasound to break up the old eye lens before a new lens is inserted.
7. Your vision may be blurry for several days after cataract surgery.
8. A healthy diet may help reduce your risk for cataracts.
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