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Ultimate Podiatry and Foot Care in Augusta, Georgia

Painful and common foot problems, injuries, deformities and diseases such as diabetes can affect your feet and disrupt your life. The podiatry program at Georgia Regents Medical Center’s Orthopedic Center in Augusta, Georgia can help treat your foot problems.

Our podiatry center offers:

  • An experienced board-certified podiatrist
  • Treatments for common and painful foot problems such as:
    • Ankle and foot injuries
    • Arch problems
    • Bunions
    • Calluses
    • Corns
    • Deformities and Infections
    • Heel Spurs
    • Ingrown Toenails
  • Care for diabetic foot problems, including Dermagraft® for select patients. Georgia Regents Medical Center is the only facility in the area offering this artificial skin for diabetic foot problems. The product contains human connective tissue called fibroblasts that produces many of the same factors found in human skin. Dermagraft® is placed directly on the ulcer. The mesh and fibroblasts are gradually absorbed, helping to replace and rebuild damaged tissue.
  • Orthotics, or corrective shoe inserts, as well as customized plaster casts, strapping and shoes
  • Medications and physical therapy

Schedule an online appointment now or call 706-721-CARE (2273) or 800-736-CARE (2273) to speak to a member of our podiatry CARE team.