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Internationally Renowned Spine Center Offering Comprehensive Spine Care in Augusta, Georgia

Georgia Regents Spine Center Offers:

  • A staff of highly skilled neurosurgeons that treat both adult and pediatric spine patients with cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine conditions
  • Surgical and non-surgical solutions for both common conditions and complex cases
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery, when appropriate
  • Implantable pain management and therapy with spinal stimulators and/or drug pumps to relieve pain in back, head, neck or limbs
  • A strong working relationship with general neurologists that allows our physicians to diagnose unusual neurological conditions of the spine and consider any possible non-surgical treatment options first
  • A multidisciplinary approach through the Neuroendocrine Clinic with clinical care and follow up protocols for patients with neuroendocrine tumors
  • A dedicated neuroanesthesiologist, which allows us to perform more sophisticated neurosurgical procedures
  • Spinal embolization, in which medications or other materials are passed through a catheter into a blood vessel to stop the flow of blood to a tumor or eliminate arteriovenous malformations (AVMs)
  • Radiosurgery at the Georgia Regents Medical Center Gamma Knife Center, using targeted radiation to treat tumors or lesions of the spine
  • A “Weekly Spine Conference,” at which neurosurgeons discuss in-house cases and review complex spinal cases which are referred from around the world. This allows physicians at the Georgia Regents Medical Center Spine Center to gain unparalleled experience and improve patient care and outcomes.
  • Fellowship training for neurosurgeons
  • Bloodless medicine, for treating patients without using whole blood or blood products
  • Physical and occupational therapy at Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Center
  • All the resources of one of Georgia’s largest academic medical centers for coordinated, multidisciplinary care
  • Patient Family Care Center

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