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Patient Safety

Georgia Regents Medical Center is an academic medical center.  Our staff cares for patients who are extremely ill and are severely injured, as do other academic medical centers.  Hospitals throughout Georgia and surrounding states will transfer patients to Georgia Regents Medical Center because we have the services or the facilities available to care for these patients.  When we evaluate our patient care and our patient safety we compare ourselves to other academic medical centers from across the United States through our participation in the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC). UHC is a cooperative of academic health centers. All of us provide care to the extremely ill or severely injured patients.  Within the UHC our Children's Hospital of Georgia routinely ranks in the top ten percent on pediatric safety measures reported by UHC. The Medical Center is steadily improving its rank among the other UHC hospitals.

Quality patient care is about how we achieve superior outcomes of care and high patient satisfaction by consistently delivering superior services and treatments in a way that best meetings our patients’ needs and expectations.

Patient safety, on the other hand, is about keeping our patients safe from avoidable harm while receiving care at Georgia Regents Medical Center. Medical centers such as ours are complex operations that require many people with many skills to communicate effectively with each of our patients and their family members, to communicate effectively with each other, to recognize when things are not going as planned with a patient.

Staff from throughout the enterprise participate in ongoing projects to improve our patient safety and quality.  These projects for the hospital are initiated by the Quality Unit Councils (nursing units), the Quality Department Councils, or the Quality Operational Council.

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