Pre-IVF Semen Collection and Sperm Retrieval

Georgia Regents Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates in Augusta, Georgia performs semen collection and sperm retrieval as part of in vitro fertilization for couples with infertility and reproductive disorders.

What is the Semen Collection Procedure?

A semen sample will be obtained from the partner by masturbation on the day of the oocyte (egg) retrieval; this is usually obtained while the retrieval is being performed.

After the semen specimen is produced, the sperm will be prepared for inseminating the collected eggs in our laboratory.

A second sample of fresh semen may be needed the day of or the day after egg retrieval to inseminate egg(s) that were not mature or did not initially fertilize.

What If a Semen Collection Can’t be Produced?

Because this can be a stressful time period for men, the man/partner may be unable to produce a specimen when needed. If a frozen specimen is not available and a fresh ejaculate cannot be produced, any eggs collected will be discarded.

Men who feel that they may have difficulty producing a semen specimen have the opportunity to have their specimens frozen by our laboratory ahead of time for use in this situation.

Please contact us with questions about semen collection or sperm retrieval.