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Success Rates

At GRHealth Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates (RMIA), we understand that choosing an in-vitro fertilization program is a difficult task.  Unlike most consumer purchases, it is rare to find information that rates the success of a program as few standards exist for comparison.

doc and patientWhen treating infertility, “success” can mean various things.  That’s why when reviewing success rates it is important to know what the statistics mean.  Ultimately, the best measure of success for any infertility treatment is the “take home baby” rate per cycle of infertility treatment.

We are proud to state that through individualized patient care, the use of the latest technology and treatment protocols, and a state-of-the-art embryology laboratory, the success rates at Georgia Regents Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates have steadily improved.

Our most recent success rates including women up to age 42 are shown:

  • # Retrieval = 100
  • Clinical pregnancy # = 54
  • Clinical pregnancy % = 54%
  • Live birth # = 48
  • live birth % = 48%
  • ectopic = 1