Egg Retrieval for IVF

Georgia Regents Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates in Augusta, Georgia performs egg retrieval procedures as part of in vitro fertilization (IVF) for women with infertility and reproductive disorders.

For IVF, the egg retrieval procedure is usually performed under transvaginal ultrasound guidance. To accomplish this, a needle is inserted (under IV sedation) through the vaginal wall into the ovaries using ultrasound to locate each follicle. The follicular fluid is drawn up into a test tube to obtain the eggs.

Patients are given pain medications intravenously and are carefully monitored by a nurse anesthetist.

Generally, the oocyte (egg) retrieval takes 30-45 minutes. Patients are usually discharged home within an hour after the retrieval.

Please contact us with questions about IVF egg retrieval or if you want to schedule an appointment for an in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.