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Toy SafetySeguridad de los Juguetes

Toy Safety

Billions of toys for children of all ages are sold each year in the U.S. But toys also cause thousands of injuries each year. And some injuries are fatal.

Injuries include falling, choking, strangulation, burning, drowning, and even poisoning.

Injuries can happen when a toy is misused or when used by children who are too young for that particular toy. An example is a toy with small parts designed for older children. This toy can cause choking when those small parts are picked up by a curious toddler.

Knowing what dangers are tied to certain types of toys and certain age groups can help you better protect your child from toy injuries. Follow the recommendations made by toy makers when deciding what type of toy to get for your child.

Keeping an eye on your child during playtime can also help prevent injuries.

Injury Statistics and Incidence Rates

Identifying High-Risk Situations


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