How Does the Stereotaxis GentleTouch Technology Work?

The Stereotaxis system is based on powerful magnets, sophisticated software and soft, flexible catheters that greatly reduce the risk of perforating heart tissue or blood vessels.

Here’s how the procedure is performed:  

  • A physician uses software and a control panel to drive powerful magnets positioned near the patient.
  • The software draws a 3-dimensional map of the heart chambers revealing potentially diseased tissue.
  • Using the magnets, the physician gently guides a soft catheter with a magnetic tip along this map through the vessels and heart.
  • The physician safely positions the catheter in the precise location where therapy is required with unparalleled precision.
  • The physician ablates, or destroys, the damaged tissue to restore normal heart rhythm.

The Stereotaxis™ system offers many benefits over traditional cardiac EP catheterization.