3 Drinks Per Day May Raise Liver Cancer Risk, But Coffee Lowers It

Expert panel looked at data on over 8 million people to come up with risk factors for the disease

Abused Kids Not Destined to Be Abusive Parents, Study Finds

But neglect, sexual abuse was more likely in kids of parents who were abused as children

Autism Tied to Higher Risk for Gut Troubles in Children

In study, kids with the behavioral disorder were more prone to symptoms such as diarrhea or constipation

Brains of Those With Anorexia React Differently to Hunger Signals

Study also finds changes in areas that regulate self-control

CDC Launches New Round of Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads

Former smokers harmed by tobacco tell their stories

COPD Takes Big Toll on Employment, Mobility in U.S.

CDC report finds a quarter of people with the illness are unable to work

Could Smoggy Air Raise Your Anxiety Level?

Possibly, one study suggests, while another links pollution to increased stroke risk

Counseling Beats School Suspension at Curbing Pot Use: Study

Drug policies should educate students, not just penalize them, researchers note

Ebola May Hit Young Children Hardest, Study Finds

Babies, toddlers get sick faster and die sooner than older children and adults, study finds

Employers Contributing Less to Workers' Health Savings Accounts

Enrollment in high-deductible plans is up, but employees are getting less help saving for expenses

Eylea Approval Expanded to Include Diabetic Retinopathy

Among people with diabetic macular edema

FDA OKs New Drug for Diabetes-Linked Eye Condition

Eylea injections appear to ease diabetic retinopathy, studies show

FDA Warns of Cardiac Effect When Heart Drug Mixed With Hepatitis C Meds

Adding Harvoni or Sovaldi to amiodarone could cause dangerous slowing of heart rate, agency says

Fetal Faces Seem to React to Mom's Smoking

In study, 4-D scans show more mouth movement, facial touching in presence of nicotine

Health Highlights: March 25, 2015
  • New Anthrax Drug Approved by FDA

  • Blue Bell Ice Cream Products Recall Expanded

  • Oldest Evidence of Breast Cancer Found in Egypt

  • Distractions a Major Cause of Teen Car Crashes: Study

Health Highlights: March 26, 2015
  • Medicare Overhaul Bill Passed by House

  • Homeopathic Drugs to be Reviewed at Meeting: FDA

  • Controversial Abortion Requirement Passed by Arizona Lawmakers

  • Needle Exchange Program Approved to Fight Indiana HIV Outbreak

  • Kelly Osbourne Will 'One Day' Have Same Surgery as Angelina Jolie

  • Researchers Can Assess 'Entire Genome' of Iceland

  • Lumber Liquidators Under Investigation: Federal Officials

Health Tip: Considering Cereal for Breakfast

Choose a healthier product

Health Tip: Don't Mix Meds and Alcohol

Here's what can happen

Health Tip: Keeping Kidney Stones at Bay

Drink lots of water

Health Tip: Plan for Children in an Emergency

Pack plenty of formula

Hope to Live to 100? Check Your Genes

DNA's role in lifespan rises dramatically in extreme old age, study finds

In-Patient Rehab Not Always Needed After New Knee

People do just as well with in-home physical therapy, study finds

Kidneys From Dead Older Donors May Help Seniors, Study Finds

Many of these organs would otherwise get thrown away, researcher says

Kitchen Towels Can Make You Sick

Researchers find cellphones a potential source of cross-contamination, too

Many May Be OK to Drive 2 Weeks After Getting New Hip: Study

Advances in surgery, rehabilitation and pain management have hastened return to normal

Midlife Fitness May Be a Real Cancer Fighter for Men

Study shows lower risk of lung, colon tumors at 65 and older

More Dangerous Ebola Strain Unlikely, Study Shows

Researchers compared virus samples that were 9 months apart, and found normal mutating rate

New Ebola Vaccine Shows Promise in Human Trials

It appeared to provoke good immune response in Chinese study, but larger trials are needed

New Treatment for Anthrax Approved

FDA cites preparedness for intentional release of deadly bacteria

Obesity, Smoking, Drinking, Depression: All Linked to Low Back Pain

Researchers say that modifying these factors might help ease condition

Premature Deaths Down in 60 Percent of U.S. Counties

D.C. leads with a drop of almost one-third, reports County Health Rankings

Prenatal Exposure to Pollutants May Spell Trouble for Kids

Small study found higher risk of ADHD symptoms, other thinking and behavioral problems

Scientists Spot Gene Tied to Severe Autism in Girls

Research aims to get at root causes of the disorder

Smell Test Helps Spot Brain Trauma in Combat Zones, Study Says

Findings suggest new avenue for identifying hidden injuries

Study Ties Frequent Antibiotic Use to Higher Odds for Type 2 Diabetes

Data on 1 million people suggests a higher risk of the illness linked to changes in gut microbes

Terminally Ill Can Do Without Statins, Study Finds

Reducing pill burden improves quality of life

Too Much Homework May Hurt Teens' Test Scores

Study found more than 90 minutes a night linked to lower performance in math, science

U.S. Deaths Due to High Blood Pressure Keep Rising: CDC

Most marked increases seen in those aged 45 to 64 and those over 85