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Heart Care

All About Blood Pressure Medication

Stopping Blood Pressure Drugs Risks a Stroke

A Must-Know Guide to Drug-Drug Interactions

Easy Ways to Remember to Take Your Medications

Heart Disease: Managing Multiple Medications

Heart Disease: Considering Cold Relief

All About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Did You Take Your Blood Pressure Medicine Today?

Aspirin, Beta-Blockers, Statins: ABC's for Coronary Artery Disease

Aspirin and Your Heart: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

When You’re Taking Heart Medications

About High Blood Pressure

Managing Prehypertension Without Drugs

Managing Hypertension with the DASH Diet

Checking Your Own Blood Pressure

Checking Your Blood Pressure at Home

Heart Disease: How Disease Management Helps

Diet and Cardiovascular Disease

Cholesterol in the Blood

Calculating Calories and Fat Grams

How to Make Heart-Healthy Food Choices

Components of Food

Exercise: Before Starting an Exercise Program

Designing an Exercise Program

Stay Fit When You Have a Health Challenge

Exercise and Target Heart Rate

Risks of Physical Inactivity

Have a Hearty Workout for Your Heart

Strength Training and Heart Disease

Learning to Live with Heart Disease

8 Mistakes Heart Patients Make

Heart Disease: How Disease Management Helps

Living With a Chronic Health Condition

Heart Disease: Communicating with Several Providers

Heart Disease Worksheet