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Quitting Smoking Quiz

What Do You Know About Quitting Smoking?

No matter what your age or how long you have smoked, giving up cigarettes is the ticket to a longer life. Consider that just 12 hours after your last cigarette, the carbon monoxide level in your blood returns to normal. A year after you've quit, your risk of heart disease is half that of a smoker's.

1. The risk for death by heart attack or coronary heart disease decreases considerably how soon after you quit smoking?
2. What percentage of smokers quit successfully with the help of a physician or counseling program?
3. Which of these smoking-cessation methods have proved the most successful statistically?
4. Besides increasing the risk of cancer, coronary heart disease and respiratory disease, which other ill effects does smoking have?
5. The chemical and behavioral processes that lead to nicotine addiction are similar to addiction to which other drug or drugs?
6. When did most current smokers start the habit?
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