Centennial Chiefs' Corner

We are excited and honored to serve the children of Georgia and our department as this year’s pediatric chief residents. We hope to continue the legacy of previous chiefs as we celebrate the centennial year of caring for children in the South.

As we start a new academic year, we assess our current practices and policies. We will implement changes to increase our efficiencies and capacities, and look forward to the challenges ahead.

Our goals for this new year include:

  • Revitalizing our residency curriculum to better train Georgia pediatricians
  • Restructure resident work hours to increase patient safety and decrease physician fatigue
  • Improve transitions in patient care through more efficient and effective handovers
  • Increase resident autonomy by self-directed learning and more elective opportunities
  • Continue to recruit high-quality physicians to our program

All-in-all, it is a daunting task but one that we will strive for, and achieve, with the help of our colleagues and other team members.

During this time of change and transition, we will ensure that the safety and care for our patients is at the forefront of our decisions. As chief residents, we hope to inspire our residents to greatness in our field and our communities. We ask you to work with us as we pursue these goals. We know we will succeed with your help.

Joshua Smith, MD
Co-Chief Resident

Dr. Nancy Wood
Nancy Wood, MD
Co-Chief Resident


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