First Visit - Pediatric Neurology

Introducing “First Visit”

First Visit is Children’s Hospital of Georgia’s new program to ensure that children needing neurological sub-specialty care get appointments within one week. Now, community pediatricians have only ONE number to call to schedule those initial visits with a pediatric neurologist. We will then handle all aspects of the scheduling, removing layers of procedures and red tape and making the process easier and faster.

Here’s how First Visit works

  • Pediatric neurologists have blocked each Wednesday morning for First Visit patients. These are children who need an immediate consultation. Appointment availability is guaranteed on a first-come, first-serve basis on that one day only.
  • Call 706-721-9539 to speak with nurse practitioners Katy Slagle or Pete Way to request an appointment.
  • Please fax the patient’s insurance information to 706-721-4483.
  • The patient’s family will be called by a First Visit scheduler to arrange the visit.
  • Once the visit is complete, First Visit will provide a written report to a referring pediatrician on the following business day.

First Visit is not intended to replace standard pediatric neurology appointments, but rather enhance the availability of our physicians. Our community partners now have the opportunity to have their patients seen by one of our pediatric neurologists within one week of the appointment request.

For more information on First Visit, please call 706-721-9539.

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