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Patient Family Centered Care

A Radically Different Approach
We recognize the importance of family involvement in a child's healing process. That's why we are one of the nation's pioneers in patient and family centered care. Our staff -- from pediatric physicians and nurses to child life specialists and on-site teachers -- are specially trained to work closely with children and their families, making sure they are kept fully informed and are involved in every aspect of the child's care.
Patient and family centered care is governed by collaborative partnerships between health care providers, patients and families.  We believe that families are an extension of the patient, not an imposition. We don't have visitors, we have families, and they are an integral part of the health care team.

The traditional model of care places emphasis on restricting patients and families. In contrast, the patient and family centered model emphasizes the strengths that patients and families can bring to the healing process. After all, patients and families are the experts in their own lives. They are the keepers of valuable information that caregivers must learn in order to take a personal and individualized approach to health care. Their knowledge and information can enhance diagnoses and treatments.

We embrace the four principles developed by the Institute for Family Centered Care:

  • We treat patients and families with dignity and respect
  • We provide clear, comprehensive information in ways that are useful and empowering
  • We create opportunities for patients and families to participate in ways that enhance their control and independence
  • We ensure that collaboration is inherent in our policies, programs, education and delivery of care

Our state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled health care providers are supported by a compassionate, healing environment that reflects the philosophy of patient- and family-centered care.

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