One-Stop Cancer careOne-Stop Cancer Care
Fight Cancer, Not the System

Cancer patients often have to visit several physicians’ offices, try to remember what each says, and self-navigate their way through a baffling system.

But Georgia Regents University Cancer Center offers a better approach known as multidisciplinary care. Available at the nation’s leading cancer centers, the model is based on teams of physicians from various specialties who treat patients in one central location, streamlining the process.   

“Our team works together to care for the whole person, with the patient at the center of the team,” says Samir N. Khleif, MD, director of the center.

Personalized Teams

Depending on the diagnosis, the team may include:

  •  a medical oncologist
  •  a radiation oncologist
  •  a surgeon
  •  a dietician
  •  a nurse navigator, pharmacist, social worker, therapists and others

One-stop, Same-day Appointments

Here’s how the system works.

The patient has an initial appointment with the entire team of specialists in one clinic. After the patient is seen and examined, the team collectively discusses the  clinical situation and develops a plan of care that addresses the patient’s every need. They then bring the patient and family to the table to present and discuss the plan. This is all done on one day in the Cancer Center.

Nurse Navigators

Dedicated Nurse Navigators, who are RNs, serve as the single point of contact for patients, coordinating communications, providing support and helping with resources.

Multidisciplinary care is available for the following cancers:

  •  Breast
  •  Gynecologic
  •  Head and neck
  •  Bone marrow transplants/leukemia
  •  Lymphoma
  •  Gastrointestinal/liver/pancreas
  •  Prostate
  •  Lung
  •  Central nervous system
  •  Melanoma/sarcoma

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