Refer a Patient to Georgia Regents Digestive Health Center

If you have a patient you’d like to refer to a GRHealth gastroenterologist, hepatologist or neurogastroenterologist, please call 706-721-9522 or FAX 706-721-4770. Trained health referral specialists are available 24/7 to connect you directly with the physician you request or the on-call physician.

You can use the line to:

  • Arrange an appointment with a physician in the Georgia Regents Gastroenterology/Hepatology Section
  • Consult with a faculty physician
  • Follow up on a patient’s status
  • Access clinical studies and receive research updates
  • Access other Georgia Regents Medical Center professional programs and services, including continuing medical education and the medical library

Your patients will be in skilled hands at GRHealth. Our physicians will see your patients promptly and keep you informed of their status and progress every step of the way.  

Call our Physician Referral Line at 706-721-9522 or FAX your referral to 706-721-4770.