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Statistics for Multiple Myeloma

Statistics for Multiple Myeloma

Some people use statistics to try to figure out their chance of getting cancer or of being cured. It is important to remember that this data shows what happens with large groups of people. Because no two people are alike, this information can't be used to know or predict what will happen to you.

These are 2013 statistics about multiple myeloma from the American Cancer Society:

  • About 22,350 people will be told they have multiple myeloma this year.

  • Multiple myeloma rarely occurs in people younger than 35. Most people diagnosed with this cancer are ages 65 and older.

  • Men are slightly more likely to have multiple myeloma than women.

  • Multiple myeloma is more than twice as common among African-Americans as white Americans. The reason for this is not known.

  • About 10,710 Americans will die of multiple myeloma this year.

  • The median survival rate for people who have stage 1 multiple myeloma is 62 months.

  • The median survival rate for people who have stage 2 multiple myeloma is 44 months.

  • The median survival rate for people who have stage 3 multiple myeloma is 29 months.

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