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Back Pain Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Your Back?

You probably take your back for granted—until it starts to hurt. Think about it—your back is a part of your body that's in nearly constant use. Whether you're sitting, standing, or moving, your back and its muscles are providing support all day, every day. Test your knowledge of the back by taking this quiz.

1. How many bones are in your spine?
2. What position is best for your back when you sleep?
3. Which of these sports can cause dangerous back injuries?
4. How many Americans will suffer back pain at some time in their lives?
5. What is the average recovery time for low-back pain?
6. Disks cushion vertebrae in the back. What are they made of?
7. Which of these is a significant risk factor for backache?
8. Which of these measures will help a backache?
9. How should you lift a heavy object?
10. What are the warning signs of a herniated disk?
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