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Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

A community health needs assessment is a process that helps us understand and document the health status of the people who live in our community with the goal of improving health and facilitating access to resources that will help people take care of their selves.

Conducting a CHNA is like taking the temperature of a community’s well-being, health, and fitness  by examining leading causes of physical and mental illness, death, and disability that affect us, our families, our neighbors, and our community at large.

A community’s health status can be measured by:
Learning about and understanding the health of our community will enable the Georgia Regents Health System to be responsive to our community’s health needs and to lead the way in promoting healthy behaviors and choices.

  • health and safety statistics such as leading causes of illness, death, and disability, and crime rates
  • socio-economic indicators like the levels of education we achieve, average household incomes, employment/unemployment rates, and housing 
  • medical resources such as the numbers of hospitals,  clinics, and health care providers available
  • access to recreational and physical activity resources
  • environmental quality and the cleanliness or safety of land, air, and water 

Health Indicators Resource
Area residents, students, healthcare and social service providers can access community health indicators for Richmond, Columbia, and Aiken Counties to learn more about leading health issues and socio-economic factors in our community.