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It was the middle of peach season and Chalmers Carr had just finished a day’s work on his family’s peach farm in Ridge Spring, South Carolina.

The 12-year-old, who regularly drove one of the farm’s forklifts, was accustomed to doing his part and putting in a full day’s work. On one of these hot July days, Chalmers checked to make sure there was no more work to be done and then jumped on his ATV to head back to the nearby family home.

He neglected to wear his helmet.

Sometime later, two of the farm’s workers happened upon Chalmers and his overturned vehicle on their way home, and ran back for help. Although he was alert when his dad, Chal, got to him, Chalmers was severely injured, with a portion of his cranial bone cracked and exposed, and one ear nearly torn off.

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