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Chevonya Hartley watched her one-year-old son as he slept. As small as he was, Jaden was snoring and sleeping as fitfully as a stressed-out adult.

“He would hold his breath for a couple seconds, then snap out of it and gasp for air,” recalls Chevonya. “His grandmother and I noticed that he did this on a regular basis.”

Concerned, she mentioned it to Jaden’s pediatrician, who referred her to pediatric sleep specialist Dr. Katie McKie to determine if Jaden had what she suspected might be sleep apnea.

“Snoring is very common in children – at least 10 percent of kids snore, but it doesn’t mean that they have sleep apnea,” says Dr. McKie, who advises parents of snoring children to talk it over with their pediatrician.

Dr. McKie conducted a sleep study on Jaden and confirmed that the toddler did have sleep apnea.

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