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July 2010

  1. Letter from the Chairman
  2. Feature: Being Cancer-Free Feels Like Freedom
  3. From Behind the Desk  
  4. Centennial Chiefs' Corner
  5. Health First
  6. News from the Child Health Discovery Institute
  7. Historical Reflections: Celebrating 100 Years of Caring for Kids

Georgia Kids First is produced by Georgia Regents Medical Center Department of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital of Georgia

Editor-in-Chief: Bernard L. Maria, MD, MBA
Associate Editor: Alice Little Caldwell, MD
Editorial Assistant: Cathleen Caldwell and Teri Mobley (Georgia Regents Medical Center Marketing Department) and Jennifer Cherock (Trio Solutions Inc.)
Publishers: Trio Solutions Inc.
Feature Writer: Mary Sue Lawrence (Trio Solutions Inc.)
Contributing Writers: Joshua Wood, MD; Nancy Wood, MD; Jim Mumford, MHSA, FACHE; and Betty Sosnin (Georgia Regents Medical Center Marketing Department)